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It all started with a passion.

I loved going shopping…. specially for new Lingerie. I loved it!

Buying new lingerie gave me the sense of self-love, self respect, self nurture. It didn’t matter what colour or fabric, it had to look feminine, it would make me glow within when I tried it on… then I knew it was the one and the set had to be matching. Sometimes a collection would have additional pieces, like suspenders or camisole – I had to have it all.

As time went by I grew older and my passion grew stronger, I wanted to open my Lingerie Boutique. And it began in November 2002 When I opened the doors to my first store in Burnside Village, Adelaide, South Australia.

I was so excited.

I had a dream and a vision of what I wanted to create, my passion to be… not just an ordinary shop, but something different!

Today I celebrate 10 years in business. I have changed and evolved over this time, and I have now created a unique destination not just another retail store but something much bigger.

The pleasure of being a woman!

Written by Diana Taddeo – Founder of Diana Lingerie


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